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Modeling of the existing

Bimeo makes its existing modeling solution available to building professionals. An innovation rewarded at the BIM D'Or and Construction Trophies ceremonies .

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The digital building process


Professions concerned

Illustration architecte

With bimeo, the architect will be able to create digital model models.

Illustration BIM Manager
BIM Manager

With bimeo, the BIM Manager will be able to write a BIM agreement, coordinate the project's BIM tasks, validate or question the stages of the process.

Illustration artisan

With bimeo, the craftsman will be able to extract the quantity survey and other project resources to establish quotes, detect errors before the start of work, prepare the site in immersive visualization, monitor the site over time.

Illustration Bureau d'études
Design office

With bimeo, the design office will be able to retrieve the digital architectural model to dynamically analyze the design choice and energy performance.


With bimeo, the diagnostician will be able to value the real estate portfolio with easily accessible data, identify errors and easily inform the presence of asbestos, for example.

Illustration gestionnaire de bien
Property manager

With bimeo, the asset manager will be able to recover models from design-build, anticipate the work necessary for the proper functioning of the structure, and have complete documentation.


With bimeo, the expert will be able to estimate the value of the property in a precise and rigorous manner.

Illustration maître d'oeuvre
Project manager

With bimeo, the project manager will be able to ensure compliance with the standards in force and the project criteria and to adjust the building design as best as possible in the light of studies, simulations and variants.

Illustration bailleur social
Social landlord

With bimeo, the social landlord will be able to have full documentation of the building (technical sheet of equipment, materials) and anticipate future work.

Illustration Courtier en travaux
Works broker

With bimeo, the works broker will be able to offer a project visualization to his clients and guide the work of professionals.


With bimeo, the surveyor will be able to carry out a survey by scanning the existing one and create 3D objects from photos.

Illustration économiste

With Bimeo, the economist will be able to recover the digital models of architects, design engineers or builders, carry out economic monitoring and extract quantities.

Mr Danion testeur des solutions de bimeo
Mr Prévot testeur des solutions de bimeo


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G. SIMONESSA - Teccontrol

P.PRÉVOT - Houeix

Y. DANION - Celtique Isolation Cloisons Sèches

Our knowledge of BIM was
limited but by practicing we
note that it is a real
stake for us as for all
building actors.

The interest of digital? To be able to
provide comments
directly on the map and share
with all the actors of the project. The
digital is essential when
projects are becoming more and more

The 3D model and augmented reality
facilitate information, assistance,
document update and visualization
of my projects. Digital must
allow problems to be resolved by
upstream and to model and explain our
works to customers.


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